Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Autumn W. said...

Hi I love your site and Ive found it through pinterest but I need to let you know many things dont work right. I am leaving this comment here on the this post because the button labeled "contact" doesnt work... The button "Printables" on the menu says "no posts found", also many pins I've found on pinterest for Things That Go themed items which look like they may have been published 6/2011 and 8/2011 are not accessible here. When I search for these in your search bar it brings me some results but not those specific things - it also brings up results that are not relevant to what I typed. Just thought you should know - otherwise your printables are awesome (when I can find them)!

Gwyn said...

Autumn, I was aware that those links no longer work. I have deleted some printables from 2011 and 2012 to make room for newer printables! Was there any printable in particular that you were looking for?
FYI I also have a store on TPT called Fun Printables for Preschoolers
also a store on Teachers Notebook called Preschool Printables with some older printables. My goal is to get the older printables in bundles. Have a great day. Gwyn

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